What is known as Gaisano Capital today has been an achievement started early on as an offshoot of the original Gaisano Bros., a retail company owned by the five Gaisano brothers where Henry Gaisano Sr was one of them. The retail store is more familiarly known nowadays as the old White Gold Store which started way back after the end of the Second World War.

Edmund Gaisano, or better known as Eddie or ESG, at an early age started his own construction business to raise his own family without relying from the clan. One of those projects was to build a building to be leased by the elder Gaisano Brothers as a supermarket. However, when that venture failed, he took it upon his own to build his own supermarket using the recently built building. From that modest beginning came their first branch located at the corner of Leon Kilat and Colon streets which still stands up to this day, the Gaisano Capital South branch.

From those humble beginnings came the aggressive expansions which as of 2010 have already reached to 15 branches all over the Visayas and Mindanao areas with more branches in the coming years. Eddie’s experience as a travelling salesman during his younger years came in handy in seeking better territories in the Southern Philippines with only his gut feel to guide him in his investment and expansion decisions.

Years of hard work and perseverance has been the major key factors in the company’s exponential growth. On more than one occasion, even the city mayors have invited the Gaisano Store into their locality because P1,000.00 could already buy a lot more at Gaisano’s, whether it be a complete set of wardrobe from head to foot or a week’s worth of groceries. That tradition still continues on today.

The current managing owners, third generation Gaisanos, have continued on the legacy started by their grandfather and subsequently passed on to their father, Mr. Edmund Gaisano Sr., by bringing quality service and products to their customers at very reasonable prices without sacrificing efficiency, thus really bringing into reality its catchphrase: BUY MORE, SPEND LESS.

The company still boasts of its roster of loyal employees who have been with the company since their father’s time. The children have sustained their father’s philanthropic deeds by attending to their people’s basic needs. The company not only expands its business for the sake of profit, but also keeps in its heart the ability to give the Filipino people a means of livelihood. Truly, Gaisano Capital’s presence can be felt in the community. Through its community outreach programs or by their generous donations through the HENRY FRANCESCA VALERIA GAISANO FOUNDATION whether it is the donation of a school’s new building for the children or a tree planting event to help save mother earth, the company has helped ensure the future of this nation. This proves its commitment in building a holistic community within it locale.

Built on such foundations of diligence and philanthropy, it is no wonder the Gaisano Capital chain of stores has been one of the frontrunners in the industry for decades.