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Value Card Terms and Conditions

  1. The Value Card issued to the customer will remain to be the exclusive property of GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV. INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP./FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. and must be returned upon demand.
  2. GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP../FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. reserves the right at its sole discretion and without prior notice to cancel the membership of any individual and all awards and privileges that go with the said membership. It is neither a credit card nor a discount card, and is not applicable for wholesale transactions/accounts.
  3. The membership card is strictly non-transferable, at all times presented upon purchase to validate electronically, and is only valid for the use of the member alone.
  4. The Value Card is NOT VALID to earn points for purchases of liquor, cigarette, and other items that the issuer may from time to time make known.
  5. Value Card membership is valid for one (1) year from date of application. If value card expires, the card-holder agrees to personally present value card to Gaisano Capital for renewal, otherwise, accumulated points will be forfeited in favor of the store. In case of lost or damaged Value Card, Gaisano Capital may replace it upon card payment. The cardholder agrees to report immediately the said incident in writing or by calling Gaisano Capital’s Credit Department. Gaisano Capital should not be held liable for cardholder’s lost or redeemed/un-redeemed points.
  6. Each member is allowed to only one (1) membership card. If a member applies for a second membership card, the old card must be surrendered, will be considered as a cancelled card, and will no longer be accepted for earning and redeeming points.
  7. Value Cardholder is required to keep information file up to date by reporting any changes in the address and other data. Verbal notification on this regard is not entertained and considered invalid.
  8. Any and all information acquired during membership processing and issuance of and redemption of point may be used by GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP./FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. for administrative, marketing, and for any and all related purposes.
  9. Gaisano Capital has the exclusive right to determine the type of awards or privileges and the available number of points to be awarded or redeemed by a member.
  10. Value Card points accumulated by any member have no monetary value and are not considered as property of the Value Cardholder. Said points are not convertible to cash.
  11. The Value Card may not be used, and points will not be issued at the time of purchase and/or activity that is identified by Gaisano Capital as not eligible for receiving points.
  12. Redeemed Awards or Privileges are not redeemable for any other awards or privileges offered concurrently by Gaisano Capital.
  13. Upon the redemption of the points for awards or privileges, the member releases GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP. ./FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. from any and all liabilities arising from the issuance and usage of the Value Card’s awards and privileges. Points redeemed may no longer be changed, revoked or cancelled. Gaisano Capital will not be responsible for any complaints concerning the quality, merchantability and defects on any goods or services received by the member.
  14. Any abuse of the program, failure to follow the terms and conditions, or any misrepresentation done by the cardholder will subject members to revocation of the account and will disqualify cardholder from further participation.
  15. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions whether intentionally or otherwise may subject the cardholder to the termination of membership. In the event of termination, all Value Card points, awards and privileges accumulated by the member will also be forfeited in favor of GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP./FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. The loyalty card points earned by the member cannot be sold, assigned or transferred to another member.
  16. 16.) The member is solely responsible for the use of any award or privilege; whether the award or privilege is used by the member or by a third party. Membership will be terminated automatically and all corresponding rights and privileges will be deemed void upon the death of the cardholder.
  17. GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP./FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. reserves the right at all times and in its sole discretion to amend, modify, revise or cancel the Value Card Program or any aspect of the promotion without prior notice whatsoever to these terms and conditions of this program. Gaisano Capital’s failure to enforce a particular term or condition does not constitute a waiver of that term and condition.
  18. The member hereby understands and agrees to successfully and fully implement the various programs for its Value Card members, it is understood and agreed that members are not only subject to the terms and conditions contained herein but also to that of the partner agreement and/or Loyalty Marketing Agreement or any such kind of agreement entered into between GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP. ./FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. and a third party partner, such agreement being integrated to and made a vital component to the loyalty programs for the Value Card member.
  19. The laws of the Republic of the Philippines shall govern these Terms & Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions stated herein and as defined by GAISANO CAPITAL /TAIPAN DEV., INC./HEVA MGT. & DEV., CORP. /FIRST PACIFIC FORTUNE COMMERCIAL CORP. shall govern the operation and application of the Gaisano Capital Value Card. All affiliates of the Gaisano Capital Value Card hereby agrees to be bound by and comply with the Terms, Conditions, Rules, Guidelines, Any and All Specific Amendments shall be/are made integral parts of the Agreement whether by attachment or by reference upon signing the Gaisano Capital Value Card Application Form.