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Gaisano Capital's Vision

GAISANO CAPITAL envisions itself:

  • To be a quality retail chain of stores of goods and products, reasonably priced and with the value for money, catered to the community it serves taking into consideration their convenience and comfort in the shopping of their needs in the store(s).
  • To bring about the quality kind of service to its customers by instilling in its employees the attitude of courtesy and concern for all that comes to its stores.
  • To have within the corporate organization the spirit of unity, oneness, cooperation, team work, care for one another and the needed competency in one’s work of all its employees.
  • To be a source of personal growth of its employees as it is their work in the company that they will experience the actuality of what they have learned or studied or gain a new work experience.
  • To provide the tools, in an ever changing business world, for its customers and employees to have and to use up-to-date technology in the way customers do their shopping and in the way the retail business is done to bring out the critical efficiencies and productivity in a highly competitive industry.
  • To be a partner of the community it serves by being also a place of employment for its many residents.
  • To grow with the community by expanding its physical presence, adding and widening the variety of goods and stocks to suit the needs and requirements of the community.
  • To be an admirable name of the community where its retail business is located for the years and generations to come.